Are you lonely since your children left for college? 

Is it now just you and the hubby?  Or maybe just you?

Do you actually enjoy your empty nest? 

Have you discovered new found freedom since the children are gone?

I am a wife, mother, full time manager and wannabe homesteader...and I am a first time "empty nester".  AND I WASN'T READY.

I always knew the kids would move out on their own one day.  That's the natural progression of life, right?  I just didn't expect that one day to be quite so soon.  And I didn't like first.  I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest.  Still do sometimes.  I still feel like I missed so much.  My husband and I spent our 30's working our way up the corporate ladder, only to get to the top and realize we not only hated it, but we had missed the majority of our kids childhood.

That being said, I absolutely LOVE my empty nest.  Please don't read that wrong.  I am not glad my kids are gone.  I miss them every single day.  What I do love is the clean house, limited laundry (even though my son brings a mound of it with him every time he comes home), and just the general peace and quiet.  I'll be the first to admit, that last one takes a little while getting used to.  It's a journey to get to that point.

Let's take this journey together.  Did necessity warrant you having to work outside of the home?  Did you feel like you missed so much?  Do you carry guilt about things you had no control over?  We'll walk through all the emotions, good and bad. Trust me, I went through them all.

Tips from college application to not feeling hopeless are all included here.  I also will be providing checklists for necessities NOT to forget on move in day, ideal birthday/Christmas gifts, etc. 

If you are a first timer with colleges, my hope is that you find some kind of assistance here as to how to navigate the whole process, without throwing up.  We made some major mistakes and thank goodness learned from them, but it was a hard lesson.

I hope you will join me and we can support each other in this journey together.





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